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  1. Stepped Footings
  2. REVIT- Imperial or Metric
  3. UV Grid by Intersect & Border Points
  4. revit 2012 adaptive component
  5. Surface or Volume
  6. Adaptive Component Help
  7. custom grid problem
  8. Unfold Facade
  9. Help needed making a 3D Arched Building
  10. Curtain wall - Solar Protection Panels
  11. help with massing plus curtain wall
  12. Conceptual Mass and Curtain Wall?
  13. Problems related to Voids / Solids / Reference Planes in Massing
  14. Voids! Can't make them work!
  15. Can i mass this, and easiest way??
  16. How can i model water jets for a fountain
  17. Revit Rendering
  18. Segmented Sweep or Joining Two Sweeps?
  19. Create Sweep in the project (RAC2012)
  20. Curtain panel with horizontal sunshade
  21. Curtain Panel Layout
  22. extruded generic model and mass floors
  23. Buildz Bitmap to Panel Plugin - Cannot replicate sample file
  24. How do you model tensile fabric sun shades?
  25. Curtain System - Mullions out of line
  26. Vasari and Topography
  27. Curtain system with Cad imported mesh
  28. AC exploration
  29. Areas
  30. Add new control point to existing spline through points? - Not a hosted point
  31. Conceptual Mass Environment - Hierachy Please
  32. Simple curtain wall by grid problem
  33. Toggling Equality makes model overly constrained!
  34. Problem with constraints
  35. Pattern Based Divided Surface
  36. Making the roof extend to become wall and floor?
  37. Creating custom green roof with Hills
  38. Creating a Pre-Cast Module
  39. failing when i am truing this void swept ?
  40. Adaptive Comp family missing??
  41. Can you help me this massing
  42. Problem on simple family ! Help me
  43. Can't Array in an Adaptive Component (or Mass)?
  44. Wall by face - curved face bug
  45. Massing !!!
  46. Massing Help - Compound Curves
  47. Cone
  48. Can't Create Mass Floors with Cone or Dome !
  49. Question with Curtain Wall by Face
  50. Adaptive not going on the mass
  51. Masses + Conceptual Analysis - do you use them?
  52. Need advice for patterns!
  53. Filleted Triangular Panel - why so complicated?
  54. Folding Facade - Understanding structure members
  55. Draw on face problems
  56. Radial Orientation with 1 adaptive point
  57. Vasari 2.5--edit in Perspective!
  58. 'smoothen' edges on curved surface
  59. Thanks to Julien for his adaptive component lesson - now playing around with it!
  60. Help me with this space frame !
  61. Generate a projected 3d spline on wavy surface
  62. Seemingly simple swept blend please help
  63. BUG Adaptive Components relative Points Position
  64. Slanted wall(made by mass) to be joined with other walls-POST AGAIN
  65. Problem when placing adaptive component
  66. Profile following spline by points
  67. Slanted Massing Help
  68. Trouble convertning a certain form
  69. Using 3dsmax objects as a mass in Revit
  70. Question on Loft wth circles
  71. Glass facade
  72. Visiblility Of Massing Elelents
  73. creating panels like in Dresden - Libeskind museum
  74. Is it possible to create a smooth closed curve with adaptive points?
  75. Wavy Trellis
  76. Mass error with mulitple splines
  77. Mass- simple house with gable roof, white render with shadows .
  78. How can I change the line type of a family?
  79. Mass sweep problem
  80. AC Tutorials
  81. Organic Skin Modeling Help
  82. Joining Adaptive Components
  83. Conceptual Mass to Wall by Face - Walls not joining
  84. Importing Collada in Lumion
  85. Proiblem with Adaptive component
  86. Turning off divids surface of Adaptive Component in Project environment
  87. Adding points in the project environment
  88. Difficult (for me) model structural glazing
  89. Adaptive Door (Security Grill)
  90. 2013: Joining Masses
  91. I can't cut a solid from a void form. Please help!!!!
  92. Rotate Project North vs In-place Masses
  93. Creating Embankments for effluent pond
  94. Simple Mass - Profile & Sweep
  95. Custom Elevation Marker
  96. Curtain System grid line rotation
  97. Problem dividing curved surface of conceptual mass
  98. Circle Wave
  99. Divided surface gridlines constraints.
  100. How would you model this roof ?
  101. Advice for massing and panelling
  102. Who is the host?
  103. absolute coordinates of adaptive points, in a schedule
  104. need help with massing and walls creation
  105. Schedule Area of Material on Mass Face? (paint)
  106. Cut between 2 nested families in an adaptive family
  107. Curved /Wavey Copper Standing Seam Roof modelling (as image). Help appreciated?
  108. 3D PDF Help
  109. concrete shell roof curved in two directions
  110. REVIZTO Launches at AU Vegas - Booth #1400
  111. How do I model this roof ?
  112. irregular bubble patterns
  113. Cannot seem to use relative postions of Adaptive Points to drive nested families
  114. Modeling In-Place Masses, unable to see any massing form or colour!?
  115. Straight roof - or not?
  116. Dxf file to create as Mass
  117. Mancata Unione tra Travi e Solai
  118. Multiple Revit buidings on one site plan
  119. Uncontrollable overhanging curtain wall panels.
  120. concrete curbs in site plan
  121. adaptive building family
  122. Parabolic Cutain Wall
  123. massing study color
  124. Adaptive curtain panels on a gridshell loaded to Project space,how to render?
  125. Cant Array in Conceptual Massing
  126. Doing the math: with adaptive components
  127. Masses With Surface subdivide using adaptive component - keeping it speedy?
  128. Problem with Pattern in using divided surfaces
  129. Can't get mullions on a divided surface?
  130. Conceptual Massing for SD: Randomly Dissapearing Colors?
  131. Voids and Divided Surfaces problem in Mass
  132. Mass without Sub-divided Surface
  133. In-place mass visibility
  134. Unable to create form element: self-intersecting or singular geometry would result.
  135. Conceptual Mass Not Behaving Like expected
  136. Adaptive Component Places on Reverse side of Plane
  137. Mass Surface
  138. Fixed Distance Pattern - Adaptive Grid Shell
  139. On Point Cloud Data
  140. Hide Mass Grid Lines in Project
  141. Void doesn't cut conceptual mass
  142. Offset btw 2 points on 2 different paths using divide path?
  143. Mass Cut With Void
  144. Mass/Dome submerged in site
  145. Shape Mixer
  146. Request for advice for massing very difficult shape and mass floors
  147. Mass not capping ends...
  148. Ungroup Repeating Adaptive Components
  149. Basics of conceptual massing
  150. Component panel not showing in project.
  151. Revit Adaptive Component: Practical Architypes – Curved Glass Curtain Walls
  152. Using Adaptive Components for Un-Orthodox purposes...Along with some Python Coding
  153. parapet wall Coping
  154. Stud Family
  155. Wood Framed Plenum
  156. 3ds max to Revit massing & "wall by face"
  157. Wall by face - the voids are not" seen"
  158. create masses that share boundaries/energy analysis
  159. How to Model the Revit 2012 Splash Screen
  160. Church steeples
  161. Creating Tower with Adaptive points
  162. Roof - Extrusion Along path - Conceptual Mass - 3D curve
  163. Undulating Siding?
  164. Hide Mass but not Curtain Panels
  165. dimension parameter in adaptive componenets
  166. Soccer ball with revit 2013
  167. vault as a mass/ graphics/ revit 2013
  168. Rotating a nested adaptive component
  169. How to Attache the tower with Podium
  170. Massing/Programming Rooms
  171. how to create required railing design or massing using a reference raster image ?
  172. Ceiling suspensions in conceptual mass
  173. Help with creating an elliptical dome mass \ elliptical dome curtain wall
  174. Nested adaptive component family wont flex in parent family (Revit 2013)
  175. CM∾Textbook Architecture Examples, all ideas are welcome.
  176. visual style fixing
  177. Tensile membrane structure, with hole cut in top
  178. CurtainWall on Mass - Circular Reference
  179. Geometry from Families... specifically Adaptive Components
  180. Elevation with Random Distribution Panels
  181. Help needed with setting some boundaries for creating a conceptual mass to drive geo.
  182. Making a Mass a solid object
  183. Rotating an Adapting component.
  184. join panels / remove join line
  185. How to make unitized panel?
  186. Applying Wall to Imported Mass
  187. Fill in the volume under a loft surface
  188. Non curve edges possible in Mass editor?
  189. Massing trouble- walls don't join on a curved surface:::: Pleaseeeee help!!!!
  190. Formit Web now available!
  191. In a curved mass how to turn only one edge to straight without affecting the mass ?
  192. Adaptive trellis
  193. pointed roof soffit
  194. adaptive points and tent roof model in place
  195. Pattern Based Curtain Panels Ends Not Cleaning up
  196. Wall by face association
  197. Sloping curved curtain system to meet roof
  198. Strange Mass Division
  199. Grid Shell - Panel Member Duplication
  200. HELP..... PARAMETER FOR THE HEIGHT for the adaptive pentagon pyramid?!
  201. Please Help! Divided surface grid is NOT ALIGNED!!!
  202. Rounded corners for form
  203. aligning two curtain walls/panels in a Blob-like form
  204. Distorted adaptive components hosted on parametric familes
  205. Cone Cladding using adaptive panel
  206. Mass cuts and materials
  207. Curved Roof defined by numerous true arc planes -
  208. How to create a reference point between your project and your conceptual mass
  209. Massing
  210. Possible dumb question: Can someone recommend a way to rotate a mass?
  211. ataptive template request.
  212. Generic Model Pattern
  213. Adaptive Undulating Mass with Parameters
  214. Does anyone know how to make this type of complex/ compound facade?
  215. diagrid massing
  216. Divided Mass - Edge clean up
  217. How 同
  218. Converting Mesh Geometry into a Volume to compute Floors
  219. adapative component problem
  220. How to make a fixed distance from the driving point?
  221. cutting masses
  222. Massing a compound curved roof
  223. Error lofting splines through points
  224. join two roof surfaces made by lofting splines
  225. Extrude/Create form
  226. Honeycomb hexagon pattern curtain panel
  227. Conflicts when converting mass into walls
  228. How to control center points ?
  229. Question about Adaptive Parameter
  230. pattern and family component
  231. Help in making facade elements and window in "strange" shape
  232. Solid - Mass floors - some will some won't.
  233. Angular Reporting Parameters in Adaptive Components
  234. AC's in Groups - no?
  235. URGENT HELP Parametric wall following path and making a section varies
  236. In Revit Architecture 2014, dont have "make adaptive" tool.
  237. Creating reception desk - messy edge / corner
  238. Parametric pattern with geometry varies
  239. How to replicate these type of panels
  240. Rhino to Revit Location placement
  241. Roof - conceptual mass problem
  242. Component - Model In Place
  243. Missing folder Conceptual MAss in my revit 2014
  244. Why won't this Generic Model Adaptive family create form in a Mass Family?
  245. Object fount upside down, when loaded from a conceptual mass to conceptual mass.
  246. Can I change the host of an allready made object in conceptual mass?
  247. Adaptive Component Apply Curtain System and Miullions
  248. "Capping" an irregular shape with a 'dome' like surface.
  249. Curtain Panel that Always Faces the Sun
  250. Form Finding in revit