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  1. Can you please give me more information on how to...

    Can you please give me more information on how to do this?
  2. Revit family constraining movement of objects in one direction

    I have a Revit family somewhere in a group of rooms that I am trying to move in the vertical direction. For some reason, due to this family, it is only allowing me to move in the horizontal...
  3. Insert from file - Insert Views from file not working

    I am not able to use this feature anymore. Whenever I try to insert views, i will pick the project file, and nothing will happen. I have tried restarting and updating to no avail.
  4. Unidentified object in view - what is this?

    I cannot click on or find what this object is. it looks like a circle circumscribed within a triangle. It's expanding my viewport. how do I turn it off?
  5. Revit error dialogue box - cannot click out of it

    One of my coworkers is having an issue with Revit 2020. They will receive an error box like this below, which is common within Revit:


    The issue is, there is no way to get out of this...
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    Revit 2020 - Link a PDF

    I am trying to link a PDF into Revit. I want to be able to modify it so any changes I make to the PDF will show up in Revit. It looks as though I just have the option to import it. Is there a way to...
  7. How to create a two "elbowed" arrow in Revit

    is there a way to create an arrow that has two elbows, or notches, if you will. I want to make my own stair arrow because the default ones are horrible. See image below. Is this possible?

  8. Revit families obscuring lineweights of walls in floor plan

    I don't know how often this issue comes up, but it drives me absolutely bonkers. It requires a lot of unnecessary clean up and I am hoping there is a way to avoid this.

    Some of the internally...
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    Ah, yes. I played around with the cut plane, and...

    Ah, yes. I played around with the cut plane, and even at 4-0, I got the same result. After a while, I decided to just make a new plan with the the same view range settings, and now it's displaying...
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    View range cut plane display issue

    Please help. I am having some serious trouble with the position of the cut plane. Despite the position of the cut plane being 4' (four feet) above the associated level, in this case "EXIST - BASE" ...
  11. ahhh, yes. that's what the issue was. I couldn't...

    ahhh, yes. that's what the issue was. I couldn't select it because it was a roof cut
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    Create sloped roof with flat bottom

    I am trying to create a sloped roof that's at 1/4" / 1'-0 with a flat bottom. I have the roof assembly set to variable.

    I know that I can modify the sub elements, but due to the complexity of the...
  13. Cannot select portion of roof fascia to remove

    I have a roof fascia that is continuous around my roof. When I am in 3d view i click on the fascia and then under modify I select "add/Remove Segments" then I click on the portion of the fascia I...
  14. For some reason the top rail is showing up...

    For some reason the top rail is showing up correctly, but the handrail is not
  15. Door Scheduling - Add a schedule value (door type) embedded in the door family itself

    I am creating a door schedule. We have various pieces of information we put into the schedule, including the door type, as A, B, C, etc... These are based on the physical characteristics of the door...
  16. Custom stair created - when trying to edit it, the edit sketch option is greyed out

    I successfully created a custom stair by sketching it. I am trying to edit it because it has an irregular landing, but when I try to modify the sketch, the "edit sketch" option is greyed out. Any...
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    Cut roof at join location

    Is there a way to have Revit automatically cut the portion of the roof out where the roof join/unjoin tool is used, rather than using the roof opening tool? a common example, is when you create a...
  18. Detach an element without specifying what its being detached from

    When you detach an item, like a wall from a roof for instance, you always have to specify the exact item you want to detach it from before you can proceed. This can sometimes be problematic in...
  19. clip without line.

    clip without line.
  20. Depth Cueing option Gryeed out in view template

    I have building sections with a view template. I want the elements in elevation view to be grey, so I am trying to use the depth cueing option. When I try to turn it on in the view template, its...
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    Hey, thank you for this. Where do I find this in...

    Hey, thank you for this. Where do I find this in the view template. When I click on model display, or any of the categories, the depth cueing option is greyed out
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    How dimensions and constraints work

    I have been using Revit since 2015, and I still don't understand the method behind the dimension tool and how it determines constraints while trying to make something equal between two points....
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    Project Phasing Issue

    I have a project where I am trying to work on the existing elements, while designating them to be either existing, or demolition. My phase settings are "show previous + Demo" and the phase is "new...
  24. Hide all wall sweeps in view - unrecognizable types in VG settings

    I am trying to hide all the baseboards in my model, which are wall sweeps. If you look at the image, it shows the wall sweep types on the drop down. When I go to VG settings, and under the walls...
  25. Wall section annotation visibility issue

    I have a standard lower level floor plan, with wall sections unhidden, but I am having an issue where not all wall sections I have created in other floor plans are visible.

    As part of our...
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