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    Schindler Elevators are EXCELLENT. You can...

    Schindler Elevators are EXCELLENT. You can completely customize your elevator and it will make a BIM model of it, as was CAD drawings and technical specs. Their customer service and consultants are...
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    I checked, nothing is outside of where it should...

    I checked, nothing is outside of where it should be
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    Detail items causing viewport issues

    I am not sure if the title is explaining this correctly, but basically, one of the default revit detail items (C Studs - Side) is causing the viewport to be expanded, which is really frustrating,...
  4. I don't, unfortunately. It's an older mouse and...

    I don't, unfortunately. It's an older mouse and it looks like there are no settings. I may have to purchase a new one.
  5. How to turn off mouse and scroll wheel shortcuts in Revit

    For some reason, when I double click/press the scroll wheel of my mouse, it does a zoom to fit. I want to turn this off because I often click the scroll wheel accidentally. I don't see any place...
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    Thank you, this worked for the most part but...

    Thank you, this worked for the most part but there are still some stray grid lines that aren't in the correct position, although most of them are. How do I accommodate those few that aren't? I am...
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    I adjusted the viewpoints on all the views and I...

    I adjusted the viewpoints on all the views and I am still having issues which leads me to think that it has to do with the 2D vs 3D issue you mentioned. Do you have any advice in regards to best...
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    Grid line positions on floor plans

    I have multiple floor plans in my project along with multiple grid lines, and i have to manually adjust the position on each plan and it's proving to be extremely time consuming. I tried doing the...
  9. Curtain wall border Mullion - Dimension to centerline

    I am working on a window schedule where we have created various storefront and curtain wall systems with the standard system mullion profiles. The mullions in the middle of the storefront have a...
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    Hide an model category model wide

    Is there a way to hide a model category model wide, rather than having to adjust the VG for each view / view template?

    For example, I want to be able to hide all structural columns in the model,...
  11. Stair Railings not showing below view range

    I am trying to get the railings on the stairs to show below the view range in dashed lines (circled in red) As you can see, they aren't showing up and are cut off


    This is the view range
  12. Issues detaching from Central completely

    Often times we archive our projects, so we can have copies just in case we need it. So what I will do, is select the file, and detatch it from central.


    When I open it, all looks good. The...
  13. Where would that option be?

    Where would that option be?
  14. Creating complex roofs by modifying sub elements

    I am creating complex roofs by utilizing the modify sub elements tool. The footprint is irregular, therefore, there are lines that intersect through the shape. How can I get rid of these? honestly...
  15. Stair Direction Arrows - Direct manipulation to end of stair

    I have the stair arrow as a symbol (Annotate > Symbol > Stair Path)

    I want the arrow to go all the way down to the end of the stair, right now, its like, half way down.


    If its not...
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    This worked! thank you!!! I didn't know that....

    This worked! thank you!!! I didn't know that. Good to know.
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    Callout detail view missing elements

    I created a callout view from a floor plan. This depicts the floor plan in which I am making a view from.


    The callout view is a "detail view" which is supposed to depict the stairs. When...
  18. Family with drag Control / Stretch Parameter

    I am trying to create a generic annotation family that has drag control on one of the lines, similar to view titles where you can drag the line as an instance parameter


    This is the...
  19. View Template visibility issues - Wall cut patterns and thickness

    I have a project with multiple view templates to facilitate different elements that we show on our floor plans.

    For some reason, the templates are causing wonky visibility issues with the walls'...
  20. Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
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    Thank you!!! this worked.

    Thank you!!! this worked.
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    I have uploaded the family. If you don't mind...

    I have uploaded the family. If you don't mind taking a look I would really appreciate it. I really want to learn how to do this. Thank you
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    Family Instance Parameter Issue

    I have a casework family that's an end filler panel. the family is composed of two shapes, the main panel, and the toe kick (red arrow).


    I created an instance parameter that allows me...
  24. Project and Shared Parameters working with Title Blocks

    i am trying to create labels in title blocks with project information. I want to be able to select the text in the main project and modify it. Right now, some of the text boxes in the title block is...
  25. Editing a profile sweep within an in-place generic model

    I have an in-place generic model with multiple components, including a profile which is used as a sweep. When I go to edit the profile, there are no dimension references, so I have no idea what the...
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