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    Hey Snowyweston, thanks for your quick answer....

    Hey Snowyweston,

    thanks for your quick answer. Well I am studying "Geodesy and Geoinformation" and for one part of my master thesis I have to analize how accurate it is possible to model a...
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    BIM as built

    I'm working on a project and I'm coming from the field of geodesy. I have following problem:
    I have a dwg file of a builing which is built. There are uneven rooms, the angles are not...
  3. Dwg-import in Revit, mathematischer Hintergrund


    ich bin nach wie vor neu im Umgang mit Revit. Ich habe eine theoretische Frage bezüglich des Zusammenhangs eines dwg Files in Revit. Wenn man ein File in z.B. Gauß-Krüger Koordinaten in...
  4. Survey Point in Gauß Krüger coordinate system - project base point (0,0,0)

    Hello everybody :),

    I'm relatively new to Revit, but I have a major problem and altough I did a lot of research I could not find a satisfiying answer to my problem. I have an exisiting dwg file....
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