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Thread: teaching/tutoring Revit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodanswer
    ...Guys what is the relationship between snap increments settings and project units settings?...
    They are separate concepts. Project Units guide dimensions and temporary dimensions among many other values.
    Snap Settings for length and angle manifest in the process of sketching/moving/copying etc. They also are affected by our current zoom factor.

    Sketch a wall using stock snap settings - zoom out you'll find snap settings produce larger increments for length in the dimension value that appears as you move your cursor away from the starting pick point. Zoom in/closer and the dimension values provide smaller increments.

    The stock settings show 4' increments (1200mm) zoomed out and zoomed in quite close offers 1/4" increments. The idea is to provide a reasonable range of values that are useful for sketching based on how "close" we are to the task/work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcel Jansen View Post
    Linkedin Learning has a very good standard course for Revit.
    Quote Originally Posted by snowyweston View Post
    charge for what's freely available if you know where to look...

    Depending on where you are in the world (and more specifically, the US), you might have access to through your local library ... for no cost. It's the same as LinkedIn Learning, just a different access portal.

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    There are videos in the Revit Help system...

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