So I have been fooling around with FormIT a lot, gives me something to do & actually is a great de-stress app! So over the weekend I knocked this little beauty up.

Oh yes, another couple of AT-AT's, this time modelled in FormIT. This got me thinking even more, if I sync'd these to my Autodesk 360 account, this will get converted to a SAT file. At which stage I could then download the SAT file into Revit 2014 & try the new explode feature on the SAT. Apart from a rather cranky scale, the SAT file seem to import fine, however, I was missing some faces.

When I tried to the explode to objects, that wasn’t so successful as most of the geometry disappeared! However, a quick import into AutoCAD yielded more promising results.

Then I tried an IGS out from AutoCAD, then an IGS into Rhino 5. BTW by no means am I a Rhino expert! Again, a lot faces again seemed to be missing, so some work still to do to get this workflow to be completely fluid. The AT-AT was a very complex form & I suspect there is some fine tuning which needs to happen in the cloud conversion process; certainly on more basic forms this will work as you can see from this example.

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