HOUZE Studios is looking for Revit Staff to join our design team. A solid background in document production is preferred.

BIM Coordinator (5+ years Revit experience) ľ The ideal candidate is a leader who is eager to set a high standard for documentation to be done accurately and efficiently. He/she will manage projects as well as create a template for in-house construction document production, related office standards, and mentor less experienced Revit staff.

Revit Technicians (2+ years Revit experience) ľ Candidates should be highly motivated, organized and detail oriented.

If you are interested, please email with ôHOUZE« seeking Architectural Revit Staff! (Houston, TX)ö in the subject line. cnb@houze2013.com
If you have a LinkedIn profile, please send me the link. If not, be sure to attach your resume.
Website: www.thezeroenergyhome.com

HOUZE in the news:
Inside the House With No Energy Bills - Businessweek
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Company Description: HOUZE« is scientifically engineering and building the most affordable, zero-energy homes in America.

Using next-generation building systems, materials and technologies, HOUZE zero-energy homes are fundamentally different from the traditional American home. The innovative HOUZE building envelope performs like a thermos, ensuring each home meets the highest possible energy efficiency standards while creating a safer, stronger structure.

HOUZE homes are powered by the HOUZE PowerCellTM that produces both on-site electricity and thermal heat from 100 percent natural gas. Unlike traditional renewable energy technologies which are intermittent, the HOUZE PowerCell provides reliable power 24/7. Roughly the size of a traditional air conditioning unit, the PowerCell generates significantly more energy than the home consumes. This surplus is then stored in back-up batteries and/or fed back to the electricity grid, providing increased energy security for the homeowner.

HOUZE provides homeowners with a one-of-a-kind Zero Energy Warranty TM guaranteeing no electric or gas payments for the first 10 years of home ownership. They also come fully integrated with AT&T's new Digital Life wireless-based home security and automation service which enables users to access, monitor and effortlessly control devices in their home remotely using a smartphone, tablet or PC.