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Thread: Door Schedule - To Room From Room

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    A little hack-ish, but you could create a large Room around the building with Room Seperation Lines, and call/number that Room exterior?

    I would just leave the value blank.

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    I wish I could leave it blank, but unfortunately our client likes to see it. Ah the things we have to do . . .

    I have set up a parameter that uses the "to" and "from" room names when it is left blank I can add a 1 in my Exterior parameter and it will place Exterior in the box. Just one of those things you have to workaround.

    if(EXTERIOR = 1, "EXTERIOR", To Room: Name)

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    I have been looking for this answer for a long time! Thank you so much!
    Is it possible to have the parameter "Room" show in my door tag?

    Quote Originally Posted by David Conant View Post
    Until the Revit team makes the room calculation point modifiable on an instance basis, you won't have a perfect solution. With a little work on your own you can get close.
    Create a shared Yes/No parameter "Outswing"
    Add "Outswing" to your door families as an instance parameter and load into your project
    In your door schedule, add To Room:Number and From Room:Number fields
    In the schedule, create a calculated parameter "Room" with the formula if(Outswing, From Room: Number, To Room: Number)
    In schedule properties Formatting tab, hide To Room:Number, From Room:Number, and Outswing if you don't want to display them.
    Select any door you want to show with the from room number and check the Outswing property.
    In the schedule, you have one column Room to show either the To Room or From Room number.
    The image shows a snippet of schedule without hiding the columns so you can see all the values. Obviously,the Room column can be located wherever you need it. Parameter names can be changed to whatever works best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Karl View Post
    I have not found how to effectively use the 'To Room' door function when the door is swinging out from the room without adding the 'From Room' parameter to the schedule, or creating a whole new door family of the same type and adjusting the RCP. I don't really want to add the 'From Room' to the schedule for two doors,.......I have to be missing something,...any clues.

    Here is the solution:

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