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Thread: Examination and courses

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightcast200 View Post
    I have looked at the Andekan blog and he has done a lot of families, unfortunately, I have noticed this on a lot of revit-orientated websites, there seems to be *lots* of family downloads available. So I'm not sure if I could add or enhance on what is already available out there.
    Maybe not as a lone wolf - but trust me, there's still a HUGE amount (inconceivably so) of content not created that the Revitting world needs - and that's where joining a content-creation team (like BIMStore) is still a very viable option.

    Quote Originally Posted by nightcast200 View Post
    I have come from a engineering (metal, machine, and benchwork) background, I have worked in a sheet-metal factory for some months my years ago. So I know a fair amount of the ducting and fans involved, I know a little about domestic plumbing, I guess the electrical side of MEP I don't know a lot about. I have been told that there are a lot of engineers that need a sketch to be "revited".
    One arm of the AEC world I didn't list earlier, although relating to the contractors, are sub-contractors (of things like duct work and such) who are also finding themselves in a position where they actively need to upskill and, as you say, get their "sketches" into Revit workflows (i.e. by modelling).

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    Hi, I am bhavya , I am learning Revit mep from couple of days ,, could you please guide me how to implement the things which I had learnt into projects.., my doubt is from where to get project,which will check weather I am doing right? Or wrong? Who will guide me .,, if you know any volunteering Revit project jobs please let me know

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