I've got a building plan with spot elevations inside it. On the outside, I've created fake spot elevation families (it seems like an easy fix when revit doesn't have OOTB road and sidewalk features). I call these fake spot families Cheaters.

When I link the building plan into my master plan, I need them to be rotated. The system family spot elevations scale down and rotate appropriately. As do the annotations I've put around the building. My Cheaters scale down, but they don't rotate.

Following some advise on this forum, I've nested a generic family inside a detail family, to ensure they scale down. But they still won't rotate!

Ideally I'd like these Cheaters, like the system family Spot elevation families, to show up at different scales, and different rotations. I'm using the same view for a floor plan, as well as a rotated site plan (the view is linked into a master plan).

Is this feasible? Or is there a better way to work with these spot elevations? I need to keep working on them and have changes appear in the site plan as well as the individual floor plans. This would help me avoid doing things twice (there are 13 buildings I'm working on)