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Thread: Fittings not showing

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    Fittings not showing

    Anyone know why my fittings aren't showing on this floor plan?

    I am on level 3, the pipes are on level 2 in ceiling space and my view range has been set to look at level 2.

    I have the same scenario on level 2 with the pipes at level 1 ceiling space but I can see my fittings fine on level 2.

    I've even set a view template up using the level 2 plan and applied it to level 3 but the fittings don't come through with this.

    All pipe categories are turned on in V/G also/

    Project is Revit 2012

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not allowed! Not allowed!
    ...33 Reasons hehe

    My bet is on underlay.

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