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Thread: Rebar Diameter symbol "ě" is Showing as "0" in Revit 2014

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    Rebar Diameter symbol "ě" is Showing as "0" in Revit 2014

    Dear Members,
    Warm greetings..When I importing structural detailing DWG file from Autocad Structural detailing 2014 to revit 2014 drafting view...all my rebar symbol in the imported file is showing as "0" instead of "ě". As there is a lot of detailing files are there it is not possible to manually edit them.

    Pls help me to rectify this which Autocad Structural detailing "font.shx" I have to be mapped in revit 2014 to show this symbol correctly

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    Simplest would be to adjust the DWG to use a different font instead. I'd advise to not make use of SHX fonts, try TTF's instead - Revit cant use SHX's (especially custom fonts).

    Also the diameter symbol in most of these SHX fonts is not a standard ASCII/UTF8/16/32/UniCode/etc. encoding. So you might find that it's saved inside each text entity as some weird code. I'd advise to use something like a search & replace (ACad's Find command) if simply changing the font doesn't help - or even some Lisp to do this for you.

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