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    Post edit time window

    This isn't any huge deal, but if it's not any trouble, could one of you admins change the post editing window from 1 minute to something reasonable like 3-5 minutes before it displays that a post has been "edited"? It's kind of annoying and distracting to notice a spelling error or a broken link and edit it literally 30 seconds after posting and still have it show that it's been edited.

    To clarify, I'm not talking about the time limit on a user being able to edit their post, but rather the time limit before a post that's been edited indicates that it's been edited.

    If this requires some sort of hack or extension, then never mind, not worth it, but I would guess it's just a simple setting? Most forums I use have longer windows before indicating a post has been edited.


    edit: just wanted to make a point about the edit indication
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