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Thread: Adding Cad Symbols into Revit

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    Adding Cad Symbols into Revit

    i am doing a presentation at the moment, and have some images of a building to put into a presentation
    i am new to revit, i need to put some symbols, big flow arrows etc, i have these done in cad, and i thought it would be easier to place these on an image instead of having to create them. how do i do this, i have tried to cad link them in but they are inserted into one group, i was wanting to place them in my image and place them individually where i need them to be, also i seem to have lost the hatch on the flow arrows.

    can you tell me in revit how can do this, have a 3d view and draw on some big flow arrows, and hatch them?
    plus creating some symbols? you have to create families for each of these, what is best process

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    - Make them in revit not ACAD.. at least import the cad, explode it, swap all acad stuff for native revit lines and copy into a fresh detail component (So you dont foul up your project with acad cr*p). Also in revit you could make the arrows parametric, so you could stretch them by moving ref planes to get bigger or smaller arrows.

    - The easiest way to do what you want for different types of views would be to place the 3D view on a sheet and then place the arrow detail components on the sheet too, on top of the view. Otherwise making something that works in the 3D views themselves might be tricky (A tag in a locked view perhaps??)

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