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Thread: MEP Electrical Select circuit

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    MEP Electrical Select circuit

    New guy.
    If this seems like a stupid question please read my intro.

    I am altering a lighting plan and need to be able to move a homerun with its circuit indicator to another fixture on the same circuit while removing the fixture is currently on. Any Ideas?

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    I don't really understand your question. But from what I think you're trying to say, you can delete the wire you have currently and just draw a new one by going to "Systems" and then "Wire". Draw it from the fixture out and a home run should automatically be drawn. Does that help?

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    I'm pretty sure you should be able just delete the old homerun and draw in a new one with the wire tool. You should be able to draw a homerun from any fixture on the circuit, it's not dependent on if one is already drawn.

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