Calling all automotive industry designers, engineers, and manufacturers. Are you coming to AU 2015? You certainly should. Be sure to sign up for the Automotive Tailored Experience, which is for anyone who has a passion for the automotive industry and an eye on the future. If you’re keen to learn about the latest design technologies driving excellence throughout the auto industry—design, visualization, simulation, and factory planning workflows—this is the way to go. Connect with innovators from around the world, hear from industry and solutions experts, and be inspired by thought leaders paving the way for the future of making cars. 
Speaking of inspiration, Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space recently posted an “Inside My Design Mind” piece on Buick’s Director of Interior Design, Liz Wetzel. Liz was born and raised in the Motor City and she’s the fourth generation in her family with an automotive career. She’s currently overseeing the design of the sleek new Buick Avenir (um, we want 1 please). Liz talks about the importance of sculpting—both digital and clay—in design, connecting with customers on an emotional level, and collaborating with designers on the other side of the world. On her design philosophy, Liz says, “Unleashing creativity in the design studio is a catalyst for fresh thinking and solutions.” Hear, hear.
Check out Liz’s story. And don’t forget to sign up for the Automotive Experience during AU registration, which opens next month. (Next month!)

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