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Thread: ETABS - Importing Revit Model

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    ETABS - Importing Revit Model

    I am trying to find a workaround for aligning all the columns so that they are exactly at grid intersections. There are some 300+ columns and some of them are 1/100 of a millimeter off of grid line. Once this model is imported from Revit into ETABS, there is an option in ETABS to view an elevation/section at grid line 1, for example. The problem is unless the column is 100% aligned with that grid it will not show up in the view...

    Is there any way in ETABS (or Revit) to either snap those analytical nodes automatically onto grid or at least somehow highlight the columns that are offset from the grids? Anyone else ran into an issue like this? :/

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    Hi sdijan,
    you can use Konstru for this. Its a software translating BIM models, you can use it to upload a Revit model and download it into Etabs. But in between you can auto-repair the model so you get a clean model to work with. Currently there are 3 repair modes when repairing a model with Konstru:

    1. Snap nodes to closest Grid, Grid, Level intersection points: this is what you are looking for, with this repair columns will snap to closest grid points.
    2. Trim or Extend to closest line: like an auto fillet operation.
    3. Project elements to closest level: this is like flatten to level.

    You can read more here
    , let me know how this works for you.
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