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Thread: Excel Export/Import

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    I use DB Link too but it would be nice if it just worked for user defined items (like the expensive bimlink) rather than the WHOLE freaking project.
    im currently experimenting on and off with dynamo now, when time permits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elton williams View Post
    rather than the WHOLE freaking project.
    If you've not tried this already, create a second database that references the DBLink-created one, then you can choose which tables to import.

    But yeah, agree (to a degree) that the one-button-to-rule-it-all nature of the addin is a bit time-binding and restrictive. At some point I hope to look at scheduling it to run overnight (much like I've long meant to automate Navisworks exports) - what would be lovely if the DB"Link" aspect of it was actually, truly, that - do away with the Access fileformat container, just use Access to plug direct into the .rvt as datasource, just like a worksharing user's local. Sorry, this is all tangent...

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    I'm going to add to the votes for CTC Project Mgr suite. For the price you get the functionality of BIMLink and Sticky (which are much more expensive, just for BIMLink) and additional tools that really are time savers. It really does blow BIMLink out of the water in my opinion.

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    Dynamo is pretty easy if you have something to copy.
    Click image for larger version. 

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