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Thread: How do I make a pipe hosted family automatically size itself?

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    How do I make a pipe hosted family automatically size itself?

    As the title implies, I need to create a pipe based family that sizes itself based on whatever pipe it is attached to.

    I have already gotten a lookup table filled out and working for the family, the only problem is that it is not adjusting it's size based on the pipe.

    Attached for convenience is the Family
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    Hi Woodruff,

    You need to change your family category to Pipe Accessory rather than Plumbing Fixture, I set the part type to Inline Sensor and it seemed to work. That will fix your auto-sizing issues.

    If you need further explanation please leave a reply, good luck.

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    Make sure the family is a Pipe Accessory and change the sizing parameter to be an instance based parameter and it will autosize to whatever it is attached to.

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    is there certain family template you have to use to get this to work? I have a clevis pipe hanger that will align with the pipe but will not go to the correct elevation or move with the pipe.

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