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Thread: Steel Plate with Headed Studs Family Creation

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    Steel Plate with Headed Studs Family Creation

    Hello all,

    I am trying to create a face-mounted steel plate family with nested headed studs in it where I am able to control the height, width, thickness of the steel plate using parameters, as well as the number of headed studs. Everything appears to work in the family, but when I load it into my model, the steel plate is not visible. Does anyone know what the problem is or how to fix this?

    I have checked visibility/graphics to make sure everything is checked on. Nothing is hidden and there are no filters being used in the model. I did create the family using the Generic Model - Face Based family template. Should I not have used this to start my steel plate family?

    I have attached a copy of my steel plate family as well as a small screenshot showing what happens when placed in my model. (I am in 2016 Revit)

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    Without downloading your family to look at it, I am going to take a punt and say that it comes down to your view detail level.
    In most cases, by default, face based details like this are set to not show in anything other than high detail level.

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    It's because you used a face based template. The block extrusion is only a reference, and it doesn't get in the project. You need to model the plate allsow.

    The r.p's look bad, and the parameters dont look good eather. Sorry to say I would start from 0.

    p.s. Why make it a face based family? Here is one that is work plane based and it works just fine. I use it for demonstration proposes but you can get the idea.
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