With version 4, Revizto has decided to implement multiple geolocation logins. In other words, your email and password can log you into different workspaces in different regions... there is no real central, global workspace. To begin with, you will probably find your projects by logging into the North America server.

Also, the 3.7 to 4.0 upgrade process is not exactly automatic. Once you upgrade to 4.0, any users without 4.0 will not be able to access those upgraded projects...

So, how can we manually upgrade and move projects when shifting from 3.7 ('global' licensing) to 4.0 (multiple geolocations, not backwards compatible)?

Here are the steps to take for each project you want to move and upgrade:

  1. Export all the issues from 3.7 Viewer and/or Editor to VIMMRK format and save it on your computer.
  2. Open the current, live project in 3.7 in the editor
  3. Click Save As and save it under other name. The project will be detached from cloud and saved locally, and you will find a .vimproj file with that name in your 3.7 working folder.
  4. Open the 4.0 Viewer and login into the Target region workspace.
  5. Click Preferences and check the location of your 4.0 working folder on your PC, under Preferences - General. Close Revizto 4.
  6. Find your .vimproj file that you just saved in 3.7, and copy that file to the 4.0 working folder.
  7. Open Revizto 4.0 Viewer again
  8. Open the Local project you have placed in the folder...
    and click convert to 4.0 (this is the irreversible upgrade step)
  9. After that click Sync and upload to the Target region server
  10. Import your issues that you have saved prior to that, using the VIMMRK file from step 1.
  11. Invite all your team you had previously into the new v4 project, in the new region.
  12. Optional: Archive your project in the other region workspace, and / or delete issues from that issue list. This is purely to ensure people don't work in the wrong project moving forward.

Your Team will immediately need to install 4.0 latest version and login in Target region to continue working with you.

As you can see, the upgrade process, particularly when coupled with the geographic server changes, have unfortunately created a number of team and process management headaches. But its still a great product, and I will push through this current challenge because there are more good things in store in future Revizto updates...

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