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Thread: Eccentric increaser pipe coupling

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    Eccentric increaser pipe coupling

    Hello all,
    I am modeling a family of concentric & eccentric increaser pipe couplings using lookup tables. The idea is to include concentric & eccentric couplings in a single Revit family. The family has a concentric increaser coupling for 110 mm to 125 mm pipe size, & eccentric increaser coupling for 110 mm to 160mm pipe size.(There are 7 other types in the family).When the family is loaded into a template & if an increaser pipe of size 110 mm to 125 mm is drawn , a concentric coupling appears. When an increaser pipe of size 110 mm to 160 mm is drawn, an eccentric coupling appears, but the pipe segment coming out of the eccentric coupling is slightly inclined. It was supposed to be straight.
    I have attached the coupling family , & two images showing the concentric & eccentric couplings in project. Please help me figure out the problem with the coupling family & suggest me a solution.

    Thanks in advance,
    Pavan Kumar
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