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Thread: adding constraints to annotation

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    adding constraints to annotation


    I want to be able to create a family such as a simple square box that represents a room for a schematic, and I want to be able to add annotation that moves with the room when I extend it, for example so it stays in the top left corner. I understand this has something to do with locking constraints or parameters but cant figure this out. Any ideas?

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    We have programming mass families who get tagged in the project and the labels stay in the center of the box without issues. Tags in the family aren't very flexible. Text can't be locked, if you go that route your best bet is to have near the reference planes representing the origin of your family.

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    Create a Generic Annotation family with a text, load a family into a "room" family, then lock GA to the reference planes marking upper left corner of a "room" family.
    Create instance parameters for width and length in a "room" family, apply these parameters to dimensions between reference planes for width and length of a "room", create and lock extrusion to reference plances.

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