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Thread: Help - Revit worksets management in links of links

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    Help - Revit worksets management in links of links

    Hi all

    Need some help here

    So... I'm currently working in a multi resi project (about 200 stand alone houses - 59 different types).

    This project is moving onto tender phase and there are many amendments to make to all 59 types (for example, wall types, door types, window types, etc).

    Originally we had a separate file for each individual house, but this is not practical. If I need to change the wall type I need to open each individual type (which means 59 times!).

    Hence, I thought a good idea would be to structure the file in the following way>

    1-"Documentation & Modelling" file where I have all 59 types one next to the other (each house type has its own individual workset)

    2-Each house of the above file is linked into an individual house file (say "Type A") and all worksets are closed except the "Type A" workset

    3-Each individual file (Type A, B, C gets then linked into the masterplan site to get overall plan, street elevations, etc).

    Here's the issue: when I link the individual types (which are a link of the documentation & modelling file) into the masterplan file I can't "manage worksets" (ie all 59 houses appear, even though only 1 house is shown in the link).

    Any ideas on how to overcome this?

    Any better ways to handle a project with multi residential units?


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    I would prefer 59 files to 59 worksets in a single file. What many don't understand is that although you can use worksets for visibilty, doesn't mean you should. I argue this all the time with coworkers who have been "doing it that way for 10 years". For a start, elements (like walls) in the same phase/ DO will still interact with each other, causing all sorts of issues and warnings.
    You could use a linked file for those areas that are exactly the same across each house, then add the unique conditions individually. Use phases if you're an absolute phase nazi, but I guarantee it won't be 100%.
    Don't use DO's in linked files if you are scheduling to anything more than a few basic things.
    On some multi file projects I have used a separate project file to create new family types, then TPS to the other files as needed.

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