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Thread: Interference Check

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    Interference Check

    Hi All,

    How do you run an interference check solely on one floor in a 7 floor project?



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    Using the built-in tool or something better like Navisworks Manage or B360 Glue?

    If the built-in tool in Revit, you don't get much in the way of filtering down what the collision tests are on besides the Family Category. If you've got access to Navis or Glue, you could probably do it either thru a combination of selections/selection sets or by exporting out NWC's of Scope boxes from your Revit model (take a 3D view, orient to your 7th floor floor plan and then adjust the top bottom-if necessary-to floor slab edges. If you don't have access to NavMan, you could probably use Tekla's BIMSight for free.

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