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I entered the Revit Forum to look for a solution to almost exactly the same phasing graphics issue.
I don't see any responses yet and it has been over 3 years. Our Standards differ from yours in that New and Existing cut patterns are similar, except Existing is Halftone. If there was a way to choose "by object style" for the Cut Pattern in the Material "Phase - Exist", that may solve it, but the choice is None or a specific pattern.

Have you come up with a solution since you posted this?
You simply remove "Phase - Exist" as an override, and override the Cut and Projection lines, to be halftoned or colored gray.

The biggest misconception people have about Graphic Overrides on Phase Filters, is because the OOTB Revit Templates use a MATERIAL override on existing elements. Take that out, and things get MUCH more clear.