I am trying to create an LED Light Fixture Family using a photometric web light source, and an ies file which I have downloaded from an LED manufacturer. For some reason the Light Source doesn't provide any illumination (0 FC) inside a given space, I tried different ies files from different LED manufacturers and same issue, next I tried a florescent troffer ies on the same family and it worked without any issue.

Trying to investigate the issue further I found that the LED ies files have the number of lamps mentioned is (-1) no matter from which manufacturer, when I tried to edit the ies file and change that value to reflect the number of Lumens, the family worked and I got a fc value in the given space, but I doubt that the analysis would be valid.

Has anyone got any idea about this issue or help me with ies files source that work properly.

----I am using the latest Revit MEP 2017----

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