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Thread: inserting reference point in family to ease alignment in model

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    inserting reference point in family to ease alignment in model

    I am a Revit newcomer. Many, many years with AutoCAD and some with Solidworks.

    I want to add an "insertion point" or "reference point" to a family to allow easy alignment in the model.

    My specific situation is I'm trying to constrain/lock/confine steel columns with corresponding concrete foundations. I want to add a point at the center of the top of the foundation family that will allow snapping and locking to the center of the bottom of the column.

    Or perhaps there is a better approach? Thank you.

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    That is what Reference Planes are for... You can modify which reference plane establishes the origin point by selecting the planes and checking the Origin box.

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    This might get a quicker response in the Structural - Family Creation forum. Best of my knowledge, columns are tied to the levels. For foundations above or below a level, pick the closest level and adjust the base and top constraints of the columns. You can lock them to the top of foundation, but the second you change the top elevation, Revit throws up a warning about constraints not satisfied.

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