Dear colleagues,

I am working on my thesis which is related to BIM to BEM interoperability issues. For BIM software, Revit is being used, while for Building Energy Modeling (BEM), several software are being analysed.

However, while the creation of BIM models seems easy at first, when you get in the details of export and property requirements of BIM model and specially gbXML and IFC export process, it is no longer easy, and even though the Revit model is Ok, many interoperability issues and unexpected problems happens before starting the energy analysis.

Therefore, I started this thread to ask you to share your experiences on interoperability challenges that you have so far encountered with

1. gbXMl/IFC export from Revit,
2. gbXMl/IFC import to BEM tools
3. gbXML to IDF export for EnergyPlus
4. And also, any tips and tricks