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Thread: Mirrored nested door panel does not remain hosted to Reference Line

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    Mirrored nested door panel does not remain hosted to Reference Line

    My Door Panel family is Work Plane-Based and Shared.

    In my Door family I have a Reference Line that I can host the panel family to. This allows me to rotate the door panel according to an angle parameter. This is good.

    This works fine for a Single door but I can't get it for a Double door. I have created a new Reference Line for the B panel and have placed the second panel by the Work Plane. However, when I mirror the Panel I get the message "Instance origin does not lie on host face. Instance will lose association to host." And I can't re-host it to the Reference Line.

    What I have found that seems to work is if I select both the existing Panel and Reference Line and mirror them together.

    Is this a reasonable method, or is there a way to re-host the panel to the Ref Line?

    Thanking you in advance.

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    You should be able to Re-host it. Thats how all of mine were done.

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