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Thread: Rotating Family in Section View

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    Rotating Family in Section View


    I created a generic angle iron family. Then loaded it into my project and noticed I can't rotate it if I am in a front section view. Any quick fixes?

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    Hi there! I'm afraid you can't rotate a level restricted family. It must always maintain the horizontality of its level of reference.

    You still have two options. They are not 'quick', but they can fix it if you are in the need:

    - You can edit the family to give the rotation you want. if this is a singular case.

    - If you want to rotate it at will when placed in the project, you can nest your family in another family, by creating a reference line in the new family and selecting one of its reference planes as the nested family's work plane, and parametrize that line's rotation.

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    Hi swooll3,

    Rotations can be hard to learn. But once you know how to do it, it's all just a piece of cake.
    I used to refer to this site to help with rotations:

    Rotating a Revit model family in 3 different axes, by reference lines - Planta1

    Good luck

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    Good example, but there are several ways to do this. You can do the same with 2 families instead of 5.

    If you use Reference Lines you can place them on the workplane of another ref line.
    So in the 'Family 2' example you would place one ref line for the horizontal angle, then on the vertical plane of that ref line, place the ref line for vertical rotation.
    The vertical line will keep its relation to the horizontal line reliably even when it moves.

    Finaly lock the 3D family to the second ref line and it should be good to go without linking any parameters between families..

    I use this for movable MEP connectors.
    If you want it to move as well as rotate then it is neccesary to put it inside a 3rd family.
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