I think that title should explain it in a vacuum. Morn'n Gentes. I have a ... best practices question (I think) for the BIM guru's but I don't know where the best place to put this post. This would/could go in the General, Tips & Tricks, & a few other forums, so Moderators ... do your thing.
Lemme esplain what I've done in the past, the problem I currently have with what I've done in the past, & then question you on what would be the best practice from here on out.

So, a few years ago when we were just learning/starting to use Revit, we would place a beam (We'll use a W14X24) in a project & lay out our floors. When we would have a special case beam we would copy that beam & rename it to something like W14X24 [3/4"] (22) (Beam-Camber-Studs). This naming convention allowed us to easily recognize the special case beams from simple & use the TypeName or TypeMark tag to tag these beams. Not a lot of customization in the tags was needed & none for the member. Exporting the project to Risa went smoothly & this practice went on for several years (a little tweaking here & there on our naming convention but it worked).

Well, we are beginning to use TSD (Tekla's Structural Designer) & have come across a hiccup in our practices. The mapping of the framing members is going berserk because of our naming conventions & we have discovered, we cannot copy & rename members like we used to. That's ok, it's time to stir the pot a little anyways.

So the current idea is to redo our tags & use the Camber Size, Number of studs, comments, etc. parameters in the beam properties & manually edit each special case member we come across. This will allow us to have only one type of a beam in the project so we aren't copying & renaming, & still allow TSD to round-trip without the hiccups. While it's not that time consuming to manually edit the parameter of special case beams, I am wondering if there's a better way to do this.

With that in mind, I bring you my questions of how you tag your framing members? Do you tag each member individually (for simple spans) or do you place a text across the lot with a leader on each side calling out the type of framing members in a given area?
With special case members, do you manually edit your tags or do you have a more robust way of tagging your special cases?
I can't imagine anyone going through every member in the OOTB & customizing it to the offices needs, but I will ask if anyone has done that?
Do you have global parameters / local parameters you use in your projects which facilitate your special case members?
Am I missing / overlooking something here & should be going about this in a completely different manner?

Your idea's, suggestions, & current practices would be well received & much appreciated & I promise, we will not go duplicating your work verbatim. Being ethically honest is a very strong attribute of ours & really appreciate that practice.