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Thread: Adding thousadns of lights

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    Adding thousadns of lights


    My firm got a huge job working on a stadium. We are doing lights.So, I'm trying to figure out how to add thousands (around 6000) of lights in the Revit.
    I got Revit files from the Architects and I need to add lights on top of that.
    We don't have that much experience in Revit, so I need your help.

    As I understand, they linked every construction file in one Revit file, so each construction part is a separate Revit file. I will do that same with lights.
    But the problem is this -
    This is a one module of those rectangles
    And here is another module
    As I can see, that's the same family, but they stretched it somehow, and cut as well somehow.
    These modules are not the same dimensions, although it's the same family, and that family shares the same parameters.

    I need to add a few lights inside of those rectangles, and there are around 20 of these rectangle modules.

    When I say lights, I mean light fixtures that are box shaped. We have a family of that box shaped light fixture.

    What would be the best approach to put those lights fixtures? And how can I cut family in a way they did it on a floor plans?

    Thank you!

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    Those modules are Revit Curtain Panels, which are segmented areas of a curtain wall, or in this case what looks like a Soffit. If you want to host something like a lighting fixture to them it would be no different than usual as long as your fixtures are face-based or if you have a consisent work plane to use.

    If you're worried about having to place 6,000 lights manually (and I don't blame you) there is possibly a way to nest your fixtures into the curtain wall families that make each module. That would take some experience with Revit and I'm unsure how it would effect your schedules or RCP drawings. If there is a clear pattern you could also array them (the manual route)

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    This problem is similar to placing all of the seats in the stadium--except there are way more seats!
    One method is to create a Group ( or Groups ), depending on the arrangement / layout of the lights.

    It sounds like the lights are going to be placed on ceilings/soffits in a linked Arch. model. The trick here is to make sure the light fixture family is "face-based", not "ceiling based" from the .rft ( Family Template file ) that it was created in.
    This way you can place the lights on a Reference Plane, and not a ceiling in the Linked model.

    In a Section View, Create a Reference Plane to place the lights on--Then, set the Workplane as current, before placing in your ceiling plan view.
    Place the lights in a typical portion of the ceiling, then create a Group and name it. Then copy the Group, and/or create new Groups as required.

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