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Thread: Pattern Based Generic Model Family Off-Axis

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    Pattern Based Generic Model Family Off-Axis

    Hi all,

    So I work for a company that does many, many different types of cladding, so I am not a stranger to pattern based families. However I am running into something that is giving me some trouble! I am designing panels for a soffit that has some pretty extreme geometries, as a result I have come up with a diamond shape that fits these angles. However in order for it to work the two triangles shapes that are within the diamond have to be two triangles with unequal sides, and off axis a bit (see attachment).

    My problem is that when I apply this shape to my model because of it's strange geometry I can't get the seams to line up just right. This is because the pattern that the tile is based on can't be changed to be "off-axis". Is it possible to create a new tile pattern grid family? or move the adaptive points horizontally that I just can't figure out?

    Have a look at the very simple shape family and let me know what you think! Thanks!
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