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Thread: Shared Parameters used in Titleblock Family not showing correctly in Project

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    Question Shared Parameters used in Titleblock Family not showing correctly in Project

    Hi All,
    Looking for some help and advice -

    I am creating a Titleblock family for my company. They want to have a Project Status on it that is not linked to the Revit Project Status Parameter as we want to be able to have different sheets with different Statuses all within one project. They also want to have a list of statuses on yes/no parameters already for the user so the user does not get to write their own status just click the checkbox of the one to use.

    I managed to do this with family yes/no parameters.

    However it was suggested instead of using family parameters, use these parameters but from a Shared Parameters file as then we would be able to highlight a few sheets in the browser at once and tick the status checkbox that applies to those number of sheets.


    - I added all the parameters to our shared parameters file, using instance, common, yes/no
    - I edited the family parameters to be mapped to these shared paramters
    - Back in the template file I then added all these to Project Parameters and assigned them to Sheets

    However, when I am in a sheet view I see a list of the parameters that don't work but when I select the actual sheet and highlight it and the properties box changes I see the same list of parameters that do work ! So there seems to be two different sets of the parameters.

    We really want the ones that are not currently working to work as then that would give us the function to highlight lots of sheets in the browser and then check the parameter we want on all those sheets.

    Does anybody know what is wrong and how to get the first set to work ?

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