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Thread: RFO Benchmark v3.2 2019 Expanded Test Failing on Windows 10 1803

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    RFO Benchmark v3.2 2019 Expanded Test Failing on Windows 10 1803

    Upon testing the RFO Benchmark v3.2 2019 Expanded Test on a few systems, the test fails. I am able to complete the simplified and standard tests on these hosts without issue, but the Extended test fails after about an hour in.

    Error message I see on-screen states "Scripting failure in...\2-RFO_Benchmark_Journal_2019_(Export).txt Call cancelled Src: SWbernObjectSet Line:330 Error:0 Scode:80041032"

    Error pop-up within Revit itself reads as follows: "Journal Error The journal file could not be run to completion. Utilize care in saving and work as the project may be in an unstable state." There is a button below this error which reads "Enter interactive mode".

    Thoughts on how to best proceed? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had exactly the same issue: i can run the standard test but not the Extended one.
    I tested 2 different PC with different configurations but running the same RFOBenchmark_v3.2_2019 on the same Windows 18.03.
    No Virtual Machine or Virtual Desktops, DPI scaling 100%, Windows XPS printer is correctly installed and working fine, user has administrator privileges.
    Both successfully completed the Standard test but failed the Extended one.

    After the error, when clicking on "Enter interactive mode" the test proceeds, but stops with the same error on the next iteration (by default, the extend test runs the individual tests 5 times). At the end, the test produced the report.

    It would be great to have the extended working!
    Any ideas? Maybe an issue with Windows 18.03?

    Thank you (and congratulations to Gordon Price for this amazing tool!)

    __________________________________________________ _____
    Mfr: Hewlett-Packard
    Model: HP Z640 Workstation
    OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise64 64-bit

    __________________________________________________ _____
    CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz
    Max Clock Speed: Ghz
    Number of Processors: 10 10
    Number of Logical Processors: 20 20
    Total Physical Memory: 64GB @ 2133 2133 2133 2133 2133 2133Mhz

    __________________________________________________ _____
    Drive Type: local Disk (NTFS)
    Drive Model: ATA MTFDDAK1T0MBF-1A SCSI Disk Device

    __________________________________________________ _____
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
    Graphics RAM: 3.9990234375GB
    Driver version:

    __________________________________________________ _____
    Screen Resolution: 1920x1200x32bit @ 59Hz
    DPI Scaling: 100%

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