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Thread: Nested Family...Visibility parameters

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    Question Nested Family...Visibility parameters


    I have a nested family with several sub families loaded in it.
    Each sub family has 2 geometry one square and another shape different for each. Say square and triangle then square and circle, etc.
    What i want to do is use a parameter "Show Detailed Display" in the project to turn on the none square geometry and hide the squares in each nested sub family.
    This way i can switch between the shapes as i need to.

    The shapes represent different levels of detail for imported models from SolidWorks. They are very detailed and heavy imports. using a simplified geometry set for speed and the detailed import for final drawing views and rendering.

    Hope all this makes sense.

    Any help on achieving this would be nice. Thank you.

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    Sounds like you'll want to make use of types and a Family Type parameter.

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