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Thread: yes/no parameter to control pipe size

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    yes/no parameter to control pipe size

    is it possible to use a yes/no parameter to return a pipe connector instance parameter as either the true or false?
    For example if the yes/no parameter is ticked then return the pipe size connected to that connector in the project, and if unticked then return the value of another parameter.
    diameter = If(Yes, diameter, diameter 1).
    what I'm trying to achieve is a tee with one of the connectors being the connected pipe size in the project if the yes/no parameter is ticked and being the same value as another connector if unticked.
    Or can anyone give me a different work around for what i'm trying to achieve?
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    I think I understand what you mean. Sometimes you want the T to be made with a small 'tap' the same size as the connected pipe and sometimes you want to force Revit to create a transition to the smaller size instead.

    Your formula is correct but I dont think this will work in one family for both options, because the moment that you set the diameter of a connector with a formula it will no longer automatically get the size from the connected pipe. So even if you set the option to No, the fitting wont automatically make a smaller connector. It will keep using the default size for that connector because it is constrained by the formula and is not free to change.

    I was going to make something similar too, but I think it would have to be with the 'Transition' modelled inside the fitting as well. That way all the connector sizes can freely change to match the connected pipe, but if you want to show a fitting that has all connections the same size and a transition, that is done by changing the extrusions.

    Like this type of fitting;
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    Yeah, if the yes/no parameter is ticked it will look like the family you have shown with right connector size controlled by the attached pipe in the project. If unticked then the left and right connectors will be equal as below with a reducer added in the project if the pipe size is smaller.
    i'm going to have to have them as 2 separate families instead of the one super family i was hoping.
    I need a formula that says if "Yes/No parameter" = No then give "parameter A" otherwise ignore this formula and give connector size but that is circular chain in Revit currently.
    Oh well, at least it will be less of this trying to figure out a solution.
    If you do come up with something for this let me know.
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