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Thread: Reference planes and work plane

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    Reference planes and work plane

    Hello I am trying to create a heat pump.

    In front elevation I have created a reference plane called ôTop of Baseö.
    This I did by clicking two points 25mm above default reference plane used for plans.
    However, I try to look at reference plane by using workplane > show.

    I would have thought plane created in front elevation would be hovering over plane used for plan.
    But no, it is at 90 degrees to this.

    Is this what I should have expected? i.e. when you create a reference plane you are creating the Z plane, the XY plane is perpendicular to this?

    See attached images.
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    When you were in the elevation and choose Workplane > Show it would indeed show the Workplane you are currently in and not the one you just created.
    If you want to show a different Workplane you have to Set the Workplane as current first with the Workplane > Set function, pick the Top of Base ref plane as your Workplane and it should show the right one when you do Workplane > Show.

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