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Thread: Server Cabinet Snap-To Positions

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    Server Cabinet Snap-To Positions

    hi, i am trying to adapt my existing server cabinet family to allow me to position my server equipment at pre defined postions within the rack. the rack is fully parameterised, based on U height, width, no fly zones, doors open etc etc - but i can't find any way to put a server at a specific U height.

    I was thinking of adding reference planes (middle) for each and every U height, but then how can i tell a server family to be aded to a particular position ?

    ideally, i could also receive an excel template (pre-filled with server positions) from our server teams, and i import the excel data into revit that matches the correct family, and inserts the server into the rack at the correct height.

    any feedback of examples of other families would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ours does this. You just don't use parameters for the EQ locations. You lock then in positions and use on/off and EQ selectors (family type selectors).

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    Yes as Aaron says, I would do this with nested/sub-families and select them using Family Type parameters.

    Make a family for the server itself (or whatever else you want to put into the rack slots) and put one in every rack position in the family.
    Then also make 'None' version with nothing visible in 3D. Use a Family Type parameter to control (Label parameter) which family appears in each slot and set them all to the 'None' sub-family as the default option.
    So if you have 10 rack slots you would make parameters for 'Component type 1' to '...10'
    If you make all the possible sub components and load them into the family, then load the family in the Project, you will be able to use the Family Type parameters to select what goes into each slot in the rack.
    Lastly make all the sub-families Shared and you will be able to schedule them individually as well to get the total number etc.

    It is possible to set Family Type parameters from excel using Dynamo, if thats the workflow you want to develop.
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