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Thread: Structural Framing with Wood Nailers

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    Structural Framing with Wood Nailers

    Howdy everyone,

    I'm developing our structural framing families. I'd like to modify our WF and HSS steel beams to allow the modelling of wood nailers on their tops and bottoms.

    My initial idea was to do this without creating duplicate beam families by controlling the nailer visibility with an instance boolean, so where needed the user could enable the nailer and have it appear. The nailer dimensions will also be instance parameters to allow maximum flexibility.

    I created the nailer extrusion without an issue, but it is affecting the behavior of the beam in the model in a way I hadn't expected.

    By default Revit families have framing modeled centered on the reference plane, but when you place beams in models the default z justification is 'top', so beams are shown with their top of steel at the level of the reference plane. (See this link for a bit further explanation / screencast example:

    Modelling the nailer causes the top of the nailer to be at the level of the reference plane in the project environment, which I don't want. I'd like the top of steel to be at the level of the reference plane - that is, for the beam to act like it doesn't have a nailer on top.

    Is there a way to get the desired behavior without modifying the default z-justification value? Essentially, to 'tell' Revit where the real 'top' of the member is.

    My scheme if that isn't possible is to modify the framing families such that the origin is at the reference level, and then change my z-justification in the project template so that it is set to origin by default, allowing it to work with my custom beam families.
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