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Thread: Question to the MEP Revit Users

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    Question to the MEP Revit Users

    Hello MEP Community. Has anyone found a quick way to draw prefab electrical wire in Revit. We currently do this in Auto CAD using poly-lines to determine wire lengths for whips and circuits for typical rooms and as our company is has made the move to Revit I am trying to figure a way to do this in Revit. Any help would be appreciated.



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    I think this would get more responses if you posted it in the to the MEP board.

    I'm a mechanical guy but as I understand it, in 2018 you can specify the wire path and thereby control the wire length. In 2017 and before Revit would generate a wire length but you had no control over it and that didn't sit well with electrical engineers.

    My firm doesn't use Revit's wire sizing, they just size the wire based on the Breaker Size. On really long runs voltage drop may become an issue but it usually isn't because our wire sizing is conservative.

    Since you're just starting out, I'll leave you with this one tip: Set your panel schedules to use actual Electrical Circuit Parameters for each data field. You'll have to create Project Parameters for things like Breaker Size, Conduit Size, etc. Don't just create blank boxes that you can type any old thing into. Our electrical guys did that for years before I realized what they were doing and set them straight. The Panel Schedule shouldn't actually contain any data, it should all be contained in the Electrical Circuit parameters. All the Panel Schedule should be doing is displaying the data.

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    First might consider using conduit (tiny size) assuming you're speaking about bundled wire like for residential use. If you're actually using conduit then different types. If you use the Conduit without fittings types then a Conduit Run Schedule will treat the entire connected run as a length you can examine. It's not going to give you anything you can calculate for electrical engineering related to wires. For that you'd still need to consider circuiting elements according to Revit's process for that, adding devices and panels and creating circuits etc. Assuming you're more concerned about 3D planning then conduit types would give you something you can see fairly easily. Alternatively you could use Piping...if you don't have a conflict with using pipe for real piping things.

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