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Thread: Advice on PC Specification

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    Dell Precision series are really great when it comes to reliability. These machines are build for heavy work flows. I'm also running Precision workstation with dual xeon processors.

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    Recently we've been going with the Dell XPS/XPS SE desktops (through the "business" side - NOT the "home" side) - i7 6 cores, good choices on the GTX front, decent enough NVMe SSD's options, and even the RAM is reasonable enough for us not to bother with aftermarket.

    The configuration options are way better than a few years ago. I don't have to bother with building them myself. Only downside with this stuff is you pretty much just buy a new computer if anything "breaks"... all the proprietary garbage makes component replacement too much of PITA for us to deal with. Fortunately, we're finding computers are lasting a really long time these days.

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