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Thread: Broken Door Family

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    Broken Door Family

    Hi Everyone

    I've downloaded this door family from a local supplier. When trying to use and modify the family, the door size changes, but the frame doesn't. More specifically, when changing the door size to a 1020mm wide door, the frame opening doesn't change.

    I've tried playing around with the family, but i cant seem to pin point why this is happening.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks
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    My best advise, build your own.

    There are a lot of things wrong with that family. I see geometry not linked to ref planes that control the size of it (the additional horizontal frame) and the door is not connected to anything as you have noticed by changing the width and I see no way of changing the width of the glass side panels for example. Also the thickness of the glass is linked to ref panels one 1 side but not on the other side, so if you need to change the glass thickness it will only change on one side.

    SO, I'm pretty sure you would have to go over everything to make it work, make sure there are ref planes to control the door width and location and connect the geometry to the right ref planes.

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    Ha ha... I wonder how old this family is? Did anyone notice the "Built By"??

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    Benn Design founder of RTC Events (now DBEI).

    The nested frame family is losing it's EQ constraint for Width in the upgrade. Edit that family and add it back in, load the family back into the parent and it should work again.

    Revit 2018+ has been much more fussy (and 2017 some too) about older families and constraints.

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