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Thread: Search Set Not Finding Family Components

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    Search Set Not Finding Family Components

    I have a bunch of air handlers from a supplier, and it includes a coil pull clearance box and door pull clearance box. When I select an AHU, expand it i the selection tree to the limit, I see the clearance object as geometry. I can manually select it in the view.

    However, I can't seem to capture these geometries via search sets.

    For context, I have 10 air handlers each with its own clearance box. I want to toggle all of them on and off via search set, hide/unhide.

    Any ideas?

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    Sound like they modelled the Clearances as geometry straight into the family, instead of making them into their own object with their own properties and then nesting them. The result is now that you don't have properties to enable a Search Set.

    This would either take a very detailed look at the selected zone and figure out a property that is unique to only the clearances, or a conversation with the people who made the content. (Better yet, build your own version)

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