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Thread: Familly is made but colors wont come in project

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    Familly is made but colors wont come in project

    Hi everybody,

    i dont know anymore if being looking on internet for long time now.
    just dont know where to turn right now.

    my Problem :

    i made a Product for HVAC with colors and everything with pipe connector's and electric.
    so i when i called it in my project i couldnt see colours and when i try to see what it looked like in render it gave me nothing in the screen
    and try few things what they said on the internet but yeah nothing really worked

    If someone could help me
    With friendly regards

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    If you have the same material in your project as in your family the one form your project always is the preferred material no matter what you do to it in your family it will always use the settings from the one in your project. So what you need to do is purge the materials out of your project and re-import the family, so the materials are 'new' to the project or change the setting of the material in your project.

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    I find a better way is to make a few 'Material' Type parameters in the family.
    Then link these type parameters to the Material parameter in extrusions that you want to colour.
    Then it doesnt matter if all the extrusions are just Default in your family. When you load it into a project you can use Edit Type to set the materials using what you already have available in the project.
    Managing materials only in a project instead of in every individual family is much easier and makes the families lighter.

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