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Thread: Help with a Dynamo Script - copying groups across views

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    Help with a Dynamo Script - copying groups across views

    Is it possible to make a Dynamo script that would allow me to (1) delete groups in a set of views, and then (2) copy groups from one view to another?

    DISCLAIMER: I know this isn't the best approach but the team I'm working with is... shall we say... a design team and not at all a proper set of revit users or people who know how to build. So our model sucks. Bigly. We have also found that Revit doesn't correctly locate the area boundary for the standards we're using (housing, not commercial/boma) so it's safer to draw the boundaries manually. That being said, I'm trying to polish this turd and I have a very repetitive task which I'd like to streamline.

    The problem I'm up against is that we have some complicated area plans (borders which are not connected to walls) and the are required to act as the border in a number of different area plans. Revit doesn't seem to like it when area boundaries are in groups, but it DOES allow you to group them. So I have boundary groups which enclose the building in a number of different area plan types. When we make a change to the boundary, the safest bet is to delete the other instances and copy it over. So we have GCA, GFA, and Unit plans, along with some other Area plans the client requires. I tweak the group in the GCA plan for a given floor, delete it in the appropriate other view (GFA, units, etc), and then copy it from GCA to GFA, Units, etc. It's a 14 floor building with two towers so it can be a lot of tedious work.

    I'm very, very new to Dynamo so I want to know if this is even possible before diving into it... and if there's another route I should take (macro?) I'm all ears. FWIW I have a fairly standard naming convention (AREA - BLDG - Boundary - Floor##), so it should be fairly easy to grab the required group and assign a pasting location to it... I hope!
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