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Thread: Multitag not centring on family inserted into project

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    Multitag not centring on family inserted into project

    Hi, yep I'm new to the forum....sorry...
    I have several families nested within a main family, all seems to work fine. I noticed once placed within a project the multi tag being used is offset to one side. Tag works fine. Initially it was on the left side and in the middle, not top and centred. I have gone through each nested family item to make sure the origin point is similar on each item and any item originally created horizontally but used vertically (in plan view) has been changed. This helps to get the tag to the top but still not centred. Any suggestions as I have several families to correct (made by others...). Thanks

    Actually I've fixed it!. It comes down to clean drawing practices. As I 'inherited' these families I had to go into each one - make sure the correct reference lines had the 'origin' point and that there were no rogue detail or hidden lines skulking on the outskirts that pulls the tag off centre. I hope any of this helps others.
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