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Thread: curtain wall window panel offset

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    Talking curtain wall window panel offset

    I've made a curtain wall window panel. Everything flexes, I've allowed for glazing thickness, depth and width of frame and materials for both.
    My question is creating the offset parameter for the panel once loaded into the curtain wall. (not a glazing offset). I can't edit and view the system family panels to see how they work their offset. But you can create a negative offset in them.
    In mine the closest I've come is creating the family on a ref plane that is offset from the centre plane, and the offset dim applied. That all works, but it naturally won't allow a negative offset, and the only workaround is to flip the window panel.
    Does anybody know how to create a offset parameter for a curtain panel (in this case a window) that allows a negative input, a la the system panels already in the template?

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    Here is an article on how to create positive/negative parameters: don't think: Do Revit: +/- offset(s) for families

    Basically you will have a 'positive' dimension a 'negative' dimension and a parameter, and drive the dimensions with an IF formula.

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