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Thread: Bubbledeck file reduction

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    Bubbledeck file reduction

    I design and supply a lot of bubbledeck slabs. Customers are now starting to demand that we add the voids/bubbles in our 3D models. This is a brain twister as creating the family model is not hard, but seeing as each sphere is a separate 3d-model, the model size becomes unmanageable.

    I've attached the Bubbledeck family that I created. I tried a test project where I increased the size so that I had around 27,000 bubbles, and the file was choppy and too heavy. However we can have projects where the number of bubbles reach 60-70,000. So my question is if there is any other way to show/model this while still retaining a workable project size? I've all ready tried purging and saving family as compact file.

    P.S. The family is coded in Norwegian, but it is simple wording so just use translate and I'm sure you'll understand the model.
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    Try to model bubbles directly in the project: Floor + a floor based bubble family arranged manually (temporary arrays) or with Dynamo. Then you can Join them if necessary (structural frame category cuts the floor).
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